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I bought a 2011 Dodge Bighorn crewcab 2wd truck on 3/10 for $21,976. from North Point Chrysler Dodge in Winston-Salem, NC.

This truck had 6200 miles on it and they showed me a paper stating retail of $26000 could be ask. I was looking at a Toyota Tacoma and was told by sales that people were trading in tacoma's because of bad gas milage and going to these with 3.7 engines. This is a lie !!!!!

They said that the power was about the same as the 4.0, also a lie !!! I stopped at the chevrolet lot on 4/6 to look at a Nissan with a 4.0.

The sales rep insisted that I let him give me a quote on a trade. He came back with a price of $17000. for my Dodge !! I ask where in the world did he get his prices and guess what ????

From North Point Chrysler Dodge !!!! That's a $4976.00 loss in just 27 days from what I actually paid and around $9000. from what they said it was worth. I feel Scammed, Cheated and Lied to by these people!!

I reccomend that you check much deeper that I did and don't trust any of them as I did!! But most of all STAY AWAY from NORTHPOINT CHRYSLER DODGE !!!!!

If you get stuck, get it somewhere else. Be careful !!!!!!!!!

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I don't work in the car industry so I'm not taking up for the dealer, but the resale price they gave you was retail or the total you could get in a private sale. The dealership offering a trade in quoted you a wholesale price.

Now they would take your truck and then ask the $20,000-$29,000 retail price.

Always remember when you drive off the lot with that new vehicle it just depreciated $5,000-$10,000! I never buy new, always 1-1 1/2 years old 50,000 miles or less, best value for your money.

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